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Oct. 2013
Xtend EcoLight at light+building 2014
l+b keyvisual

At the light+building fair, Xtend EcoLight will be represented in hall 5.1 at booth D30. Again, we will be a part of the "joint stand for young, innovative companies" sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. The trade fair will take place in Frankfurt/Main from March 30th to April 4th, 2014.

For questions and appointment requests, please contact:

Xtend EcoLight GmbH

Eva Blask
Tel.: +49 (0) 211 420 613 03
E-Mail: ed.dnetx@ksalb.ave

Xtend EcoLight will present a worldwide unique product range of energy saving fluorescent light tubes with integra­ted electronic ballasts based on a sophisticated IC design.

Due to our wide range of available systems, we are offering our customers lighting solutions with a perfect balance between potential energy savings and minimum requirements for light quantity. Xtend EcoLight tubes are available with average durabilities of 16,000, 24,000 or 40,000 hours – ideal for almost every requirement. More than 1,000 different variants, mostly being manufactured "just-in-time" at our Düsseldorf site, are already available on the standard programme.

Xtend EcoLight illuminants can be used as retrofit products to replace conventional T8 fluorescent tubes, LED tubes and other T8 substitutes that do not meet the requirements of, for example, providing a specific amount of light. However, Xtend EcoLight is increasingly being applied in new installations. Due to their integrated electronic ballasts, our tubes can be installed easily in new electronics-free lights.

The light+building is the world's biggest fair for lighting and intelligent buildings. Over 2,000 exhi­bitors from all over the world present their latest innovations for the fields of lighting, electrical engineering and building automation. In 2014, the theme of light+building will be "Explore Technology for Life - the best energy is the energy that is not consumed".

Jul. 2013
Xtend EcoLight joins SmartCity-Project in Cologne

As a part of the SmartCity Cologne project, a district city hall of Cologne has been equipped with several energy-saving systems to minimize power consumption. New efficient luminaires contribute to this just as well as on-demand control and usage of the various power consumers and the education of the employees.

smartcity logo

Xtend EcoLight is one of seven local companies that have been chosen by RheinEnergie AG as partners for the field of lighting. All four-lamp louvre luminaires of the large Announcements Hall were converted by using the Xtend EcoLight URS series and three offices rsp. meeting rooms are now illuminated with Xtend EcoLight XL series lamps.

In the lobby of the District City Hall of Cologne/Nippes, a big screen has been installed which monitors and displays the power usage of the different areas to the second. This publicity is part of the programme: "The transition towards sustainable energy systems will only succeed, when everyone gets involved", says Thomas Preuer, CEO of RheinEnergie. On July, 15th there has been a press conference at the district city hall with Jürgen Roters, Lord Mayor of Cologne who characterized the project and the partner companies as being exemplary.

SmartCity Cologne and Klimastrasse

SmartCity Cologne is an initiative of the City of Cologne and RheinEnergie AG. It represents a platform for various projects where private individuals, companies, associations and initiatives collectively develop new intelligent and pioneering technologies for a better protection of the climate and a more sensible, economical, sustainable and resource-saving use of energy. With this efforts, the city ought to become more worth living. The most important projects are being tested at a part of the Neusser street in Cologne/Nippes now called the Klimastrasse (climate street) with the intention to demonstrate how a SmartCity could look like in the future.

Nov. 2012
Xtend EcoLight business partners present new websites

The website "" is online now. B2b-konzept GmbH & Co KG offers solution-oriented consulting services for companies in the fields of lighting systems, communication, printer and office supplies targeted to the goal of recognizing and realizing possible saving potentials. In the middle of the year 2012 the company became authorized sales partner for Germany.

Specifically for the distribution of Xtend EcoLight products to companies in Denmark, Danish business partner "Det Gronne Hjem" launched the new website "".

Dutch EcoLight, business partner for the Netherlands, launched the website "". The company is dedicated to consulting and distribution of Xtend EcoLight products exclusivly.

Swiss business partner Revoswiss has integrated Xtend EcoLight products into the website "". The COM Consulting & Revoswiss GmbH has been specialist for the distribution of energy-saving and environment rsp. resource friendly lighting products for years. Via its german office in Konstanz, Revoswiss intensifies its consulting services for companies in Germany.

Oct. 2012
Hong Kong International Lighting Fair, 27.10. - 30.10.2012

This year again, from October 27 to 30, Xtend EcoLight has been presented at the
Hong Kong International Lighting Fair.

HKTDC 2012

Main focus of the presentation was the outstan­ding and convincing quality of our Xtend EcoLight XL series, our top seller in 2012. Additionally we presented some first glances at our brand new clever alternatives for the substitution of T8- and LED-tubes.

With over 2.000 international exhibitors, the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair is the largest event of its kind in Asia and also one of the most significant and largest lighting fairs worldwide.

If you are interested in our products or in a business partnership, please feel free to contact us:

Xtend International GmbH
Your contact:
Milena Dimitrova
Tel.: +49 (0) 211 420 613 09
E-Mail: ed.dnetx@avortimid.anelim

Aug. 2012
Xtend EcoLight also in Denmark now
Det Gronne Hjem
EcoLight Denmark

Det Grønne Hjem (translated: The Green Home) is the new partner of Xtend EcoLight in northern Europe. For many years Ulrik Vendelbo and Torben Frøslev have worked as managers and self-employed entrepreneurs in different industries. In 2012 they established a joint start-up company that specializes in advisory and sales of a wide range of green products from energy-efficient lighting and heat insulation products to geothermal heating and solar energy systems.

For the distribution of Xtend EcoLight products to business customers in Denmark they now have set up a special advisory and service concept. The corresponding website (trans­lated: light-service) has been launched lately. Here Vendelbo and Frøslev do not only explain the benefits of using Xtend EcoLight products but also provide their customers an opportunity to order these online.

Your contacts for Xtend EcoLight in Denmark:

Ulrik Vendelbo
Tel.: +45 (0) 6013 0123
Det Grønne Hjem
Grøftebjergvej 27
5492 Vissenbjerg

Web.:, www.detgrø
Torben Frøslev
Tel.: +45 (0) 6171 7979
Aug. 2012
Xtend EcoLight Philippines: Technopro Enterprises becomes exclusive Partner
Technopro Enterprises
EcoLight Philippines

Located at the outskirts of the capital Manila, the 15-year-old company has been specializing in consulting and installation of lightning protec­tion systems. Recognizing the worldwide growing importance of energy-efficient lighting, General Manager Rostum Macaranas looked for suitable pro­ducts to be used in Philippinean companies when he hit on Xtend EcoLight, one of the most efficient T8 substitutes on the market. In the Philippines conventional T8 fluorescent tubes are still widely used, so that simply replacing them with energy efficient luminaires is such a convincing concept, that in early August 2012 Technopro became International Business Partner for the Philippines to distribute Xtend EcoLight there exclusively.

Your contact for Xtend EcoLight in the Philippines:

Technopro Enterprises
Rostum Macaranas
General Manager
18-G Sta. Monica Compound 1
Balubaran Valenzuela City
Philippines 1440

Tel.: +63 (0) 2 277-1390
Fax.: +63 (0) 2 440-5230
Mob.: +63 (0) 932 617 044 9

Jul. 2012
Dutch EcoLight exlusive partner for Xtend EcoLight in the Netherlands

Since May 2012 independent entrepreneur Edwin Hasslöver represents Xtend EcoLight in the Netherlands.

Hasslöver has been working as a financial expert and consultant in the Netherlands and in Germany for almost 15 years. Having turned over to the distribution of energy efficient lighting Dutch EcoLight in 2011, he came to Xtend EcoLight in 2012. This quickly led to the foundation of Dutch EcoLight, a com­pany that now represents Xtend EcoLight in the Netherlands as an exclusive partner.
First projects for business customers have already been implemented successfully.

Your contact for Xtend EcoLight
in the Netherlands:

Dutch EcoLight
Edwin Hasslöver
Veldhaarweg 6
NL 7546 RJ Enschede
Mob.: +31 (0) 649 491 443
Mob.: +49 (0) 152 540 230 55

Jun. 2012
Revoswiss becomes exclusive partner for Xtend EcoLight in Switzerland

Since many years COM Consulting & Revoswiss GmbH stands for energy conservation through eco- and resource-saving products in the Revoswiss lighting industry. Xtend EcoLight provides an ideal complement to the existing product range. In June, Revoswiss has taken
over the distribution of Xtend EcoLight exclu­sively for Switzerland. The
company, which is headed by
Sammy Ostertag, is also active
in Germany.

Your contact for Xtend EcoLight in Switzerland:

Sammy Ostertag Revoswiss GmbH
Sammy Ostertag
Roosstr. 23
CH 8832 Wollerau

Telephone: +41 (0) 44 515 2310
Mob.: +49 (0) 162 416 3446

Apr. 2012
Xtend develops wirelessly dimmable fluorescent tube

To dim the lighting – without any wire or switch? That sounds good and will soon be possible simply by smartphone! For the first time, Xtend presented some prototypes at the light+building 2012.


In 2011, the Innovation Alliance of North Rhine West-
phalia mediated at Xtend the contact to Professor Dr.-Ing. Udo Jorczyk of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Applied Sciences as an academic partner for the development of an innovative system for wireless dimming of fluorescent lamps. For Xtend this represents the next logical step in a development that is already focused on energy-saving lamps.

Professor Jorczyk and also his master’s degree student René Rettkowski felt inspired by the project, because such a system is not yet available in the market. With the presentation at the light+building, the world’s leading fair for lighting and intelligent buildings, now the first milestone has been accomplished. But this is not the end! The technology will be further improved, so that finally the stage of production can be reached.

Later this year, Xtend expects to make the wirelessly dimmable energy saving fluorescent tube "Xtend EcoLight smart switchable" available to the market. By dimming the lamp, the power consumption will be reduced even further. – Without any additional wiring and also very easy to use for the customer by an app on his smartphone.

The press release of the Westfälische Hochschule on this subject can be found here (in German only):
 • Informationsdienst Wissenschaft
 • Westfälische Hochschule

Apr. 2012
light+building 15.4. - 20.4.2012, Frankfurt am Main

This year, for the first time, Xtend EcoLight has been presented at the light+building fair in Frankfurt.

light+building light+building

We were a part of the "joint stand for young, innovative companies" sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. Apart from our innovative Xtend Lighting Guarantee, which gives companies the opportunity to acquire our lamps on a rental basis, we also presented our current product highlights:.

  • Xtend EcoLight XL series – The new, TÜV-Süd certified, energy saving fluorescent tubes with increased longevity and a new more luminous model.

And some prospects on innovations planned for 2012:

Our team at the light+building 2012
  • Xtend EcoLight Smart Switchable – a simply wireless switch- and dimmable fluorescent tube
  • Xtend EcoLight XL Dura – a super longlife fluorescent tube with 40,000 hrs operating life span

The light+building is the world's biggest fair for lighting and intelligent buildings. This year, over 2,300 exhibitors from over 50 countries took part to present their latest innovations for the fields of lighting, electrical enginee-
ring and building automation. The next light+building will take place from March 30th to April 4th, 2014.